Body Systems: 2 Volume Set 001st Edition

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Year 2014
Pages 1000
Publisher Gale Research Inc
Language en
ISBN 9781573027182
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Does a fetus dream?How can a peanut affect my immune system?What is the most common disorder that affects the musculature system?Why does smoking suppress my appetite?The answers to these questions, and more, can be found in Gale’s Body Systems. At a time where the American populous is getting older, childhood obesity is on the rise, and there is a lot of confusion around changes in the U.S. healthcare system, it is more important than ever to have a trusted resource that can provide the information needed to educate yourself on how your body operates so that you can be your own best healthcare advocate. Body Systems is that resource. Written by experienced medical writers and reviewed by medical professionals for accuracy and completeness, this title provides comprehensive coverage of each body system: How each function, what you can do to maintain them, as well as the causes and effects of the most common conditions and diseases that affect each. Each chapter in this 2 volume set is devoted to a single body system, and begins with a full page illustration of that system. The rest of each chapter is organized under 5 standard rubrics, with further subdivisions as needed:• Overview: Defines and provides a brief description of the system; lists the types of specials who are experts on the system and the training they have received and the common equipment they use to do their job• Function: Outlines the processes and role of the system, and identifies where there is cross functionality with another system• Life stages: Discusses the development of the system from prenatal development to late adulthood, and the common conditions possible at each stage of life• Diseases: Provides information on the most common diseases associated with the system, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis for each• Wellness: Focuses on the preventative measure and healthy choices that can keep the system running smoothly, including healthy food options and types of exercise along with the benefits, precautions, and Concerns that go along with each. Each chapter also includes full-color images, charts and illustrations, Key Term sidebars, biographical and historical sidebars, Questions to Ask Your Doctor, a bibliography for further research, and the contact information of relevant and helpful health organizations. Our bodies are a complex integration of systems organized to address functions like digestion, blood circulation,breathing, reproduction, and more. Body Systems covers the systems of the human body and their role and functions bothfrom an individual organ perspective and for each system as a whole. It also shows what occurs when systems are notfunctioning properly, due to injury, disease, or other causes. Entries cover the development of each body system frombirth to full adult growth, as well as adjustments by the body during the senior years. The causes and treatments ofcommon diseases related to specific systems are presented, as are the effects of substances on body systems, includingfoods and drugs. Detailed, full-color illustrations of all body systems promote understanding.Key Features All chapters are reviewed and signed by health professionals. A seven-person advisory board helped develop the topic list and participated in reviewing/writing chapters Body Systems is a “one stop” resource. Each chapter provides comprehensive coverage of an individual body system.Insight on what makes up the system, how it works, how it interacts within the body and with other systems, whatdiseases affect the system, and how to maintain optimal health of the system are all investigated and presented ineasily understood prose. QR Code Online