How to Disappear and Start a New Life: How to Get a Complete New Identity Legally, How to Delete Yourself From The Internet

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Raymond Phillips

Year 2016
Pages 146
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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ISBN 9781539713302
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How to Disappear and Start a New Life, How to Get a Completely New Identity, How to Delete yourself From the Internet My name is Raymond Phillips; I graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. After graduating, I went to work for a private security firm as an analyst and during my time there I was assigned to a big corporate client who was involved in some illegal activities and unfortunately I was exposed to their actual act of crime. Afterward, I found myself running for my own safety and had to disappear seven years ago. Just two years ago the issues were finally resolved as they got exposed by the law enforcement and that business entity no longer exists and I was able to reappear. I sacrificed five most valuable years of my life running from them. In those five long years I used many innovative methods to keep myself from everyone and was able to stay alive, and since I got back, I started a new business as a top notch privacy expert, I now work as a consultant for a few large multinational businesses. I started writing this book while I was away to help people that find themselves in similar situations for whatever reasons, but after writing a few chapters, I realized it would be impossible for me to publish it as I would leave enough paper trail which can jeopardize my own safety again. So I put the project on the back burner and forgot about it. Recently I was looking through some of the old files that I kept on a flash drive and found the file containing those chapters and decided to complete the book as I knew in my heart that this book could help some truly good and honest people to stay safe. But when reading through the files I realized how much have changed in last few years, so I deiced to rewrite the whole thing. This book is essentially two books combined into one complete guide. Originally my plan was to write the first book just on how to disappear from society while erasing all the trails and the second one all about how to start a new life, but then I decided since they go hand in hand why not combine them both so you can have one handy guidebook if you ever need to get away like I had to. Here is a preview of what you will learn: Reasons people disappear How to disappear with children 3 Most Important parts of disappearing Short term Vs. Long term disappearance The importance of Disappearance Steps to take for long-term disappearance Steps to take for short time disappearance 5 Ways to disappear for the short term 21 Top disappearing destinations in the world How to Throw out the 'Old you.' How to prepare yourself Essential items you need to pack How not to leave any trace behind How to cover your tracks Steps to take to start a new life How to protect your physical privacy and safety How to get a new identity legally 5 Ways to use your new identity 3 types of Ghosters How to find jobs in your new life How to find food while on the run How to do anonymous banking How to have financial privacy and security How to live under the radar How to wipe yourself from the Internet How to use the internet anonymously Hopefully, you never have to use any of this advice and ideas, but I am sure it will be a comfort knowing that in the event if you do see the need, you will know how to go about doing so.