What's Your Anger Type? 2nd Edition

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Peter Sacco

Year 2016
Pages 250
Language en
ISBN 9780994332929
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NEW & REVISED SECOND EDITION! How bad is your anger? Do you control it, or does it control you? Has it wrecked your life, or does it hurt the lives of others? This book is informative, interactive and insightful in helping people identify their “anger type(s)”, their triggers, and providing proven anger management tools that will work best for helping people overcome self-destructive anger patterns and behaviors. Furthermore, it will engage readers in helping those who possess “millennial anger types” provoked by texting habits, online social media and online dating. This book has been used in anger management support groups, colleges, private companies and employee assistance programs with tremendous success. It has been published on 4 continents, and used by thousands of people, who have applied the principles and changed their lives for the better!