The Reading and Transformation of Isaiah in Luke-Acts 0th Edition

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Peter Mallen

Year 2008
Pages 258
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ISBN 9780567045669
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An investigative study into where, how and why Luke interacts with Isaiah. References to Isaiah occur at key points in the narrative, typically introducing the mission of main characters and outlining or summarising the overall plot, suggesting that Luke utilises Isaiah as part of his interpretive framework. The overarching theme drawn from Isaiah appears to be the servant's mission to bring salvation to all people (Isa 49:6). Luke's careful selection and radical interpretation of Isaianic texts highlights surprising aspects of this theme. These include the nature and scope of salvation, the necessary suffering role of the Messiah and its connection with the proclamation of salvation, and the unexpected response to the message by Israel and the nations. Mallen's study rehabilitates the importance of the servant motif for Luke, not in terms of atonement or as a christological title but rather in supplying the job description for Jesus' messianic mission and that of his followers.