Man-Made Closed Ecological Systems

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Authors J.I. Gitelson, G.M. Lisovsky
Year 2002
Pages 416
Publisher CRC Press
Language en
ISBN 9780415299985
File Size 4.22 MB
File Format PDF
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Man-Made Closed Ecological Systems explores the interactions between humans, microorganisms, and plants in a closed habitat, and the life support systems necessary to maintain habitability over long periods of time. Problems and approaches involved in creating closed man-made ecological systems (CMESs) from a theoretical and experimental viewpoint are given. Topics include the cultivation of bacteria, microalgae and higher plants; the use of biotechnology to support life outside the Earth's biosphere; methods for recycling air, water and food for human consumption; interactions between humans and other organisms in CMESs; and methods for intensifying the level of photosynthesis. In addition to space the authors investigate problems associated with living conditions in dangerous or difficult environmental areas on Earth such as the Arctic and Antarctica, deserts and mountains. QR Code Online