What We Think About When We Think About Soccer

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Simon Critchley

Year 2017
Pages 224
Publisher Penguin Books
Language en
ISBN 9780143132677
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File Format EPUB
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You play soccer. You watch soccer. You live soccer You breathe soccer. But do you think about soccer?Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, inspiring the absolute devotion of countless fans around the globe. But what is it about soccer that makes it so compelling to watch, discuss, and think about? Is it what it says about class, race, or gender? Is it our national, regional, or tribal identities? Simon Critchley thinks it’s all of these and more. In his new book, he explains what soccer can tell us about each, and how each informs the way we interpret the game, all while building a new system of aesthetics, or even poetics, that we can use to watch the beautiful game.   Critchley has made a career out of bringing philosophy to the people through popular subjects, and in What We Think About When We Think About Soccer he uses his considerable philosophical acumen to examine the sport that has captured the hearts and minds of millions. QR Code Online