Killing God’s Enemies:: The Crazy War Against Jews, African-Americans and the U.S. Government

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John Lee Brook

Year 2017
Pages 240
Publisher Trine Day
Language en
ISBN 9781634240710
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File Format EPUB
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Killing God’s Enemies relates the origin, history and activities of the church of Christian Identity and its violent outgrowth called the Phineas Priesthood. In doing so, the book reveals the group’s philosophy of hate; their methodology, which is death to all blacks, Jews, homosexuals and abortionists; and their goal, which is an America ruled by white men. The church of Christian Identity is a small and obscure religious denomination. Its radical arm— the Phineas Priesthood— barely registers on the radar screens of the general public’s consciousness. That is, until it’s too late. For the Phineas Priesthood is unlike any other priesthood. There is no seminary and no ordination. There is only one requirement: kill the enemies of God. Killing God’s Enemies will tell the fantastic but true tale of how Christian Identity came to exist, where the idea of the Phineas Priesthood came from, relate the violent exploits of the Priesthood’s lone warriors, and show how Anti-Semitism forms the fulcrum upon which Christian Identity pivots. QR Code Online