The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Command Blocks!: Minecraft Keys to Unlocking Secret Commands

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Triumph Books

Year 2016
Pages 208
Publisher Triumph Books
Language en
ISBN 9781629372327
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UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN MINECRAFT One of the most creative and useful blocks in the world of Minecraft, the command block, also happens to be one of the least understood by most players. This is because the systems that command blocks use are entirely script and coding based. But don’t let that deter you! The quickest and most thorough way to activate many special features in Minecraft is to use command blocks. Using command blocks, you can create your own unique world of Minecraft, full of the coolest features your friends can only dream about. With command blocks you can: • Create an armored zombie body guard• Command a Wither Boss to fight the Ender Dragon• Craft a secret door for your base that opens automatically and only for you• Build a bridge that disappears periodically• Summon a block of diamond out of nowhere at the push of a button• Manipulate time to make crops grow faster• And so much more! Harness the creative power of command blocks and learn how to combine them with Redstone to access the most awesome features Minecraft has to offer. Now, the keys to these strategies are available to all ’Crafters through The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Command Blocks! QR Code Online