Shoot Macro: Professional Macrophotography Techniques for Exceptional Studio Images

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Stan Sholik

Year 2014
Pages 128
Publisher Amherst Media
Language en
ISBN 9781608957231
File Size 12.3 MB
File Format PDF
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Few areas of photography require the level of unwavering technical expertise required for successful macrophotography. When you’re shooting very big images of very small subjects, even tiny flaws—be it in the lighting, composition, focusing, or any other aspect of the process—can result in unusable images. In this book, Stan Sholik provides a practical approach to overcoming the most common challenges faced when shooting macro. He takes you behind the scenes and explains each step of the process involved in photographing a vast array of subjects with varying colors, shapes, textures, and surfaces. You’ll get inside the creative process, learn what specialized equipment is required for top results, and how simple light tweaks can make or break your images. With these skills, you’ll be ready to take on any macrophotography challenge with confidence! QR Code Online