Happy Little Goats: Live Life Like a Kid!

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Soraya Hirth

Year 2017
Pages 80
Publisher Chronicle Books
Language en
ISBN 9781452159805
File Size 15.86 MB
File Format EPUB
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Ebook Description

Move over, cats and dogs, there's a new animal in town! Behold: the goat. Happy Little Goats features photos of adorable goats living the good life and getting into trouble on a beautiful farm. Too cute to blame for eating all the oranges off the tree or climbing onto the roof, these endearing creatures will show you what a carefree life really looks like. With hilariously clueless captions from the cutest goats you've ever seen, this book will melt your heart, give you a good chuckle, and maybe even make you want a pet goat of your own. QR Code Online