Protect Your Privacy: 17 Must-Know Ways to Keep Your Information Secure Online

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James Eldredge

Year 2015
Pages 52
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language en
ISBN 9781517193010
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Have you ever thought about your security online? Do you ever wonder how you can stay safe on the web? If your answers to these questions were both "yes" then you need to get this book today. James Eldredge, a thirteen year computer veteran, has put together a book filled with the most essential tips, tricks and "How-To's" that every Internet user must know. Based on his personal experience in working with clients of all skill levels, James put together this book to help novice and moderately skilled computer users tackle some of the most common issues that he has seen in his work. Here's a sampling of what you'll learn from "Protect Your Privacy!": - Common Ways Attackers Steal Your Data - Easy Ways to Secure Your Web Browser - How to Secure Your Passwords Against ANY Attack - How to Stay Anonymous When Browsing the Web - Essential Habits You Need to Stay Safe Online - How to Protect Against Dangerous Software Vulnerabilities - Advanced Data Protection Methods - And much more! Keeping to his philosophy of making things as simple as possible, James stripped out all unnecessary content from this book, reducing it down to the absolute essential tips and tricks and making sure that they're all in plain english, with step-by-step instructions for each one. If you're looking for a gigantic manual filled with computer jargon and hundreds of pages of instructions that you'll never read or use, don't buy this book. If you're looking for a book that covers some of the most essential information you NEED to have to stay safe online, give "Protect Your Privacy!" a try. James Eldredge is a thirteen year computer technology veteran and has worked with all types of clients, from stay-at-home moms to multi-million dollar law firms. James focuses on a simple approach to troubleshooting, focusing on the smart way of troubleshooting instead of beating his head against the wall. This unique angle has gained him hundreds of happy clients and helped him build a successful consulting business that helps teach users as much as it fixes their problems. QR Code Online