The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Combat: Combat Strategies and Battle Techniques for Minecraft®™

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Triumph Books

Year 2016
Pages 128
Publisher Triumph Books
Language en
ISBN 9781629373867
File Size 37.14 MB
File Format EPUB
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Minecraft’s recent, highly anticipated Combat Update has completely overhauled the combat system and the end of game experience, adding tons of new strategy and special attacks. And Minecraft’s new multiplayer competitive mode, Battle, brings combat to the forefront. With The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Combat, explore the new End City, End Gateway, and End Island, in addition to planning the perfect way to overcome the Ender Dragon and Wither. Learn how to effectively dual wield weapons and tools in various combat scenarios. And master the latest combat techniques and strategies for out-witting your Battle opponents. Perfect for long-time Minecrafters ready to put their skills to the ultimate test in the new Battle mode, or new players looking to catch up on all that the Combat Update has added, this guide is everything you need to know to survive the night and prepare for the final fight. QR Code Online