Liquid Rocket Thrust Chambers

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V. Yang, M. Habiballah, M. Popp

Year 2005
Pages 500
Publisher AIAA
Language en
ISBN 9781563472237
File Size 40.71 MB
File Format PDF
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In this first major publication on the topic since the 1960s, contributors describe their research in such areas as propellant injection systems and processes, design and dynamics of jet and swirl injectors, atomization in coaxial-jet injectors, liquid bipropellant injectors, and distortion and disintegration of liquid streams. They include work in modeling liquid-propellant spray and droplet vaporization combustion processes, subcritical and supercritical droplet cluster behavior in dense and dilute regions of sprays, mixing and combustion of cryogenic propellants, measurements at high pressure in cryogenic jet flames, and propellant ignition and flame propagation. Two chapters describe rocket engine nozzle concepts, design and optimization, and two others address the simulation and analysis of thrust chamber flowfields in storable and cryogenic propellant rockets. The final chapters include material on scaling techniques for design, assessment of thrust chamber performance, thermodynamic power cycles for pump-fed engines, and technologies for reusable launch vehicles and oxidizer-rich preburners. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( QR Code Online