The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Executive Functioning Disorder: Strategies to help your child achieve the time-management skills, ... needed to succeed in school and life

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Rebecca Branstetter

Year 2013
Pages 256
Publisher Everything
Language en
ISBN 9781440566851
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The vital skills children need to achieve their full potential!Being organized. Staying focused. Controlling impulses and emotions.These are some of the basic executive functioning (EF) skills children need to function and succeed as they grow. But what can you do if your child is struggling with one or all of these skills? With this hands-on guide, you'll learn what EF difficulties look like and how you can help your child overcome these challenges. Psychologist Rebecca Branstetter teaches you how to help improve the executive functions, including:Task initiationResponse inhibitionFocusTime managementWorking memoryFlexibilitySelf-regulationCompleting tasksOrganization With checklists to help enforce skills and improve organization, The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Executive Functioning Disorder is your step-by-step handbook for helping your child concentrate, learn, and thrive! QR Code Online