Podcast: Starting a Podcast: 10 Proven Steps to Creating Your First Successful Podcast

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Jerry Kershen

Year 2016
Pages 58
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language en
ISBN 9781536825466
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Podcast: Starting a Podcast: 10 Proven Steps to Creating Your First Successful PodcastDo you have a podcast idea?There are currently over a billion subscribers to iTunes podcasts. In the USA alone over a fifth of all adults have listened to a podcast. And the numbers are growing.With every demographic plugging in headphones and looking for information or entertainment on their favorite topics, your audience is waiting for you to publish your first episode now!So what's holding you back?Do you just not know how to do it? Does It seems way out of your league? Do you have no idea where to start? The prospect of figuring out what equipment you need is overwhelming, is that it? Or is it that you have no idea how to write or structure an episode, or how long it should be? Or do you have no idea how to navigate all the different software. And even if you figure that out, you're probably wondering how to put it somewhere people can find it and download it.This book CAN and WILL help guide you to the answers YOU NEED!This book will break the process for starting a podcast down, into 10 simple steps designed to take you from confused and clueless to broadcast ready.From defining what a podcast is to growing your audience rapidly, these ten steps are the fastest way to educate yourself and get your podcast onto people's devices.Here's a look inside the book:Learn the equipment you'll need to use.Free episode template, guaranteed to make your episodes structured and clear.Discover how long your podcast needs to be for optimum engagement.Learn the technical knowledge that's currently holding you back from starting.Learn how to record, format, save and edit each episode.The 2 best channels for publishing your podcast.6 essential points for maximizing your podcast's impact in a crowded market.And much much more...Instead of making weak and poorly structured content that drives listeners away, you'll be following steps to guarantee a loyal and ever growing following of listeners.Instead of disappearing into the limbo of unfinished and undiscovered podcasts, you'll actively structure, market and promote your show to an ever growing band of responsive listeners.Now is the time to ride the wave of momentum, carve your slice of the rapidly growing market, and create your smash hit podcast. This book will steer you through the minefield of startup mistakes and out the other side to podcast success!Don't put off your podcast dreams any longer!Scroll Up and Get Your Copy Now! QR Code Online