The Geisha Who Could Feel No Pain

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India Millar

Year 2017
Pages 314
Publisher Red Empress Publishing
Language en
ISBN 9780999253311
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File Format EPUB , MOBI
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Out of all the geisha, only Mineko´s strangeness was hidden from the world. Mineko was the geisha who could not feel pain. She was the geisha that no man could hurt, no matter how hard they tried. And not only was Mineko unable to feel physical pain, she was also unable to feel the emotions of love and longing and need. Until she met the Samurai who became her lover; the man who—just as she was—was owned body and soul by Mineko´s master, the terrible yakuza Akira. As her desires were awoken by Ken, her Samurai lover, Mineko begins to dream of another life, one of freedom. In this, the second in the “Secrets from the Hidden House” series, the terrible mysteries that lie at the heart of the Hidden House are revealed. Past and present twist together, each secret deeper and darker than that which has gone before. The enigma that is the Hidden House unfurls the petals of its history here, in Mineko´s story. The story of the Geisha Who Could Feel No Pain. This is the second story from the Hidden House, but is also a stand-alone novel. INDIA MILLAR started her career in heavy industry at British Gas and ended it in the rarefied atmosphere of the British Library. She now lives on Spain’s glorious Costa Blanca North in an entirely male dominated household comprised of her husband, a dog, and a cat. Millar enjoys writing about strong women who fight for what they want. In addition to historical romances, India also writes popular guides to living in Spain under a different name. Her Romance Noir series is highlighted on her website, QR Code Online