Arduino For Kids Young and Old

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Daniel Milligan

Year 2014
Pages 186
Publisher Milligan Photography
Language en
ISBN 9780985855642
File Size 2.51 MB
File Format EPUB
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This book digs into the Arduino platform, in particular, the Arduino UNO however all sketches should work fine with any Arduino platform. The main goal was to present the material in such a way to build upon itself so the reader can start with the basics and move onto more advanced topics. This book covers installing and getting started with the Arduino IDE and then building sketches to exercise a number of the features of the platform. Chapters include Input, Output, Interrupts, I/O expansion, and more. Another goal of the book was to try and use readily available parts which might be found at a local electronics store. In some cases, I had to order materials from online sellers however I tried to keep it to a minimum when possible. All sketches used in the book are available for download. Just click on the link in the chapter on sketches to download the zip files. I have also placed a couple of libraries I wrote for this on GitHub under the user name, milligan22963. Enjoy and let me know what you like and/or didn't like. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the sketches, please email me using the link inside of the book. I have placed my email address in the first chapter for easy access.