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C.B. Robertson, Augustus Invictus

Year 2017
Pages 148
Publisher Independently published
Language en
ISBN 9781520526010
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In this book, Robertson defends the morality of the emotion called "hatred," which has been defined as an evil motivation and emotion over the last century. In Defense of Hatred argues that hatred is intrinsically and inextricably bound up with love, and that the eradication of one eventually means the erasure of the other. After defining and defending the emotion, Robertson advances a theory of "just hatred," which attempts to alleviate some of the dangers that people have rightly identified in the emotion. In this way, this book defends passion and love from the nihilistic attack on hatred. An attack which is - almost without exception - launched in a cynical, hypocritical, and vicious manner, by those who have no intention of abandoning their own hatred.