Transcendent Mind: Rethinking the Science of Consciousness

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Imants Baruss, Julia Mossbridge

Year 2016
Pages 256
Publisher American Psychological Association
Language en
ISBN 9781433822773
File Size 2.95 MB
File Format PDF
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Everyone knows that consciousness resides in the brain. Or does it? In this book, Imants Barušs and Julia Mossbridge utilize findings from quantum mechanics, special relativity, philosophy, and paranormal psychology to build a rigorous, scientific investigation into the origins and nature of human consciousness. Along the way, they examine the scientific literature on concepts such as mediumship, out-of-body and near-death experiences, telekinesis, "apparent" vs. "deep time," and mind-to-mind communication, and introduce eye-opening ideas about our shared reality. The result is a revelatory tour of the "post-materialist" world and a roadmap for consciousness research in the twenty-first century.