Socialbots and Their Friends: Digital Media and the Automation of Sociality 1st Edition

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Robert W. Gehl, Maria Bakardjieva

Year 2016
Pages 270
Publisher Routledge
Language en
ISBN 9781138639409
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File Format PDF
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Many users of the Internet are aware of bots: automated programs that work behind the scenes to come up with search suggestions, check the weather, filter emails, or clean up Wikipedia entries. More recently, a new software robot has been making its presence felt in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – the socialbot. However, unlike other bots, socialbots are built to appear human. While a weatherbot will tell you if it's sunny and a spambot will incessantly peddle Viagra, socialbots will ask you questions, have conversations, like your posts, retweet you, and become your friend. All the while, if they're well-programmed, you won't know that you're tweeting and friending with a robot.