Brandt Matrices and Theta Series over Global Function Fields

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Chih-yun Chuang, Ting-fang Lee, Fu-tsun Wei

Year 2015
Pages 64
Publisher Amer Mathematical Society
Language en
ISBN 9781470414191
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The aim of this article is to give a complete account of the Eichler-Brandt theory over function fields and the basis problem for Drinfeld type automorphic forms. Given arbitrary function field $k$ together with a fixed place $\infty$, the authors construct a family of theta series from the norm forms of "definite" quaternion algebras, and establish an explicit Hecke-module homomorphism from the Picard group of an associated definite Shimura curve to a space of Drinfeld type automorphic forms. The "compatibility" of these homomorphisms with different square-free levels is also examined. These Hecke-equivariant maps lead to a nice description of the subspace generated by the authors' theta series, and thereby contributes to the so-called basis problem. Restricting the norm forms to pure quaternions, the authors obtain another family of theta series which are automorphic functions on the metaplectic group, and this results in a Shintani-type correspondence between Drinfeld type forms and metaplectic forms.