The JHipster Mini-Book

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Matt Raible

Year 2016
Pages 140
Language en
ISBN 9781329638143
File Size 7.53 MB
File Format PDF
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The things you need to do to set up a new software project can be daunting. First, you have to select the back-end framework to create your Api, choose your database, set up security, and choose your build tool. Then you have to choose the tools to create your front end: select a Ui framework, configure a build tool, set up Sass processing, configure your browser to auto-refresh when you make changes, and configure the client and server so they work in unison. If you're building a new application using Spring Boot and AngularJs, you can save days by using Jhipster. Jhipster is a project-creation tool that generates a project with a Spring Boot-powered Api and an AngularJs client. Not only that, it can generate scaffolding for your application and configure it to run in the cloud. Jhipster is a treasure trove of information of how to build modern web applications. It can turn any curious and willing developer into a Java Hipster!