The Mighty Eighth: The Air War in Europe as Told by the Men Who Fought It

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Gerald Astor

Year 2015
Pages 512
Publisher Dutton Caliber
Language en
ISBN 9780425281574
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In the skies of World War II Europe the Eighth Air Force was a defining factor in turning the tide against the Nazis In these gripping oral histories the sacrifice savagery and supremacy of the Mighty Eighth is described by those who experienced it and survived it At the outbreak of World War II America was woefully unprepared for a fight though Europe was already years into the battle Soon though America s war machine was rolling out pilots engineers planes and materials in astounding numbers It was called the Eighth Air Force and it would hit the Nazi juggernaut like a lightning bolt Launching a then groundbreaking campaign of daylight bombing runs the men of the Eighth would suffer more casualties than the entire Marine Corps in the Pacific theater But they would also prove to be the most effective weapon against the enemy taking out strategic targets such as munitions plants and factories that were vital to the German war effort and grinding them to a halt In The Mighty Eighth the men who fought in the greatest air war in human history tell their stories of courage and camaraderie as only those who were there can tell them