The Penguin Dictionary of Alternative Medicine

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T.V. Sairam

Year 2007
Pages 336
Publisher Penguin Books
Language en
ISBN 9780143063070
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File Format EPUB
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The A to Z of alternative medicine The integration of alternative medicine with conventional medicine is revolutionizing healthcare across the world. This single-volume dictionary, with entries ranging from acupoint therapy and abdominal breathing to Iyengar Yoga, kundalini, spirit-healing, yin and yang, Zen and zone therapy, brings the collective wisdom of thousands of alternative-medicine physicians and practitioners down the ages, for the promotion of health and prevention of disease. Information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, complementary, preventive, integrative and adjunctive therapies and natural remedies are detailed, to familiarize the reader with developments in time-tested as well as rapidly growing fields. Ayurveda, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), homoeopathy, New Age treatments, numerology, reiki, Siddha medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), vaastu and Yoga Detailed illustrations on asanas, mudras and herbs Extensive cross-referencing linking related entries Recent developments in time-tested fields as well as new successes