Baby's First Year: 61 secrets of successful feeding, sleeping, and potty training

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Julia Shayk

Year 2014
Pages 68
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language en
ISBN 9781500778668
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DISCOVER: how to train your baby without stress and tears If you want your baby to be a good sleeper, a healthy eater and a happy explorer, then this might be the most important practical guide you read during the crucial period of the baby's first year. These first months are crucial because during this time, your baby develops his personality and learns major survival skills. This book starts with a description of conscious parenting principles as the basis for successful baby training. Bringing up a child is very much about patience, positive attitude, persistence and respect, so to make any technique work, caregivers must adopt these habits first. The following chapters give proven advice on easyfeeding, sleeping, diapering and potty training, but not only these! You'll also find sections on bathing and playing as integral parts of baby's daily routine.SAVE YOUR TIME: learn 61 tips in less than one hourWritten by a working mother, this book aims to help busy parents facing time limits find effective problem solutions fast. The major source of the book comes from the author's grandmother, a professional nurse and midwife in a maternity hospital for 35 years helping thousands of women to give birth and take care of their new babies during first days afterwards. LEARN: insights into the practices of other cultures The book includes insights into the practices of other cultures which may be very interesting to the readers and describes simple tools that really work with explanations on how to do them exactly and provides no-cry methods to help your baby: sleep through the night, escape gases and colic, avoid skin rash, choose the right diapers, potty train by 8, 15 or 24 months, and other proven tips to raise a happy and healthy child.