Mechanics of Liquid Nano- and Microdispersed Magnetic Media 1st Edition

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V. M. Polunin, A. M. Storozhenko, P.A. Ryapolov

Year 2017
Pages 210
Publisher CRC Press
Language en
ISBN 9781138068230
File Size 2.25 MB
File Format PDF
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This book offers unique coverage of the mechanical properties of nano- and micro-dispersed magnetic fluids. Magnetic fluids are artificially created materials that do not exist in the nature. Researchers developing materials and devices are keenly interested in their "mutually exclusive" properties including fluidity, compressibility, and the ability to magnetize up to saturation in relatively small magnetic fields. Applications of micro- and nanodispersed magnetic fluids include magnetic-seals, magnetically operated grease in friction units and supports, separators of non-magnetic materials, oil skimmers and separators, sensors of acceleration and angle, and gap fillers in loudspeakers.