Who me, Poor?: How India's youth are living in urban poverty to make it big

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Gayatri Jayaraman

Year 2017
Pages 192
Publisher Bloomsbury India
Language en
ISBN 9789386432230
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The characteristics and reasons for urban poverty are manifold and seem to repeat across class structures: migration, culture shock, real estate costs and unrealistic expectations of city life, a lack of financial education, corporate cultures that perpetuate stereotypical workforces, a glamourised entrepreneurial culture that focuses on icons of spending instead of struggle, and economically and politically, the rise of the cashless credit economy and the demise of the thrift economy and its conservative icons. The book will use the case studies of young Indians, typically in their first or second jobs, migrants to major Indian metros, living in these conditions. The reasons for the poverty they experience are varied, and influenced by the industries they work for, their family backgrounds, other financial obligations, social stratas, and peer groups. There are so far, no studies available for this in India, and is a rising phenomenon in the US where it has been called 'poverty with no name'. Gayatri's short piece on the Urban Poor crossed 1.1 million views on Buzzfeed - the highest number for any Indian feature article to date.