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Jörg Tatzelt

Year 2011
Pages 304
Publisher Springer
Language en
ISBN 9783642240669
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Genetics of Prion Disease, by S. Lloyd, S. Mead and J. Collinge. Atypical Prion Diseases in Humans and Animals, by M. A. Tranulis, S. L. Benestad, T. Baron and H. Kretzschmar. Chronic Wasting Disease, by S. Gilch, N. Chitoor, Y. Taguchi, M. Stuart, J. E. Jewell and H. M. Schätzl. Transgenic Mouse Models and Prion Strains, by G. C. Telling. Neuroprotective and Neurotoxic Signaling by the Prion Protein, by U. K. Resenberger, K. F. Winklhofer and J. Tatzelt. Prion Seeded Conversion and Amplification Assays, by C. D. Orrú and B. Caughey. Prion Protein and Its Conformational Conversion: A Structural Perspective, by W. K. Surewicz and M. I. Apostol. Molecular Dynamics as an Approach to Study Prion Protein Misfolding and the Effect of Pathogenic Mutations, by M.W. van der Kamp and V. Daggett. Chemical Biology of Prion Protein: Tools to Bridge the In Vitro/Vivo Interface, by R. Seidel and M. Engelhard. The PrP-Like Proteins Shadoo and Doppel, by D. Westaway, N. Daude, S. Wohlgemuth and P. Harrison. Fungal Prions: Structure, Function and Propagation, by M. F. Tuite, R. Marchante and V. Kushnirov.