Essence of Shibari: Kinbaku and Japanese Rope Bondage

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Shin Nawakari, Piez Jeng

Year 2017
Pages 138
Publisher Mystic Productions Press
Language en
ISBN 9781942733850
File Size 16.39 MB
File Format EPUB
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The art of kinbaku, also known as shibari, is an elegant way to connect with a partner or add erotic spice in your life. Japanese-style bondage artist Shin Nawakiri shares his safe, sexy, and beautiful techniques in this newly-translated book, which contains numerous ties for the beginner artist and for intermediate or advanced players, including: sensual body wrapping without knots, binding one wrist or body column, body harnesses, futomomo (thigh ties), and takate kote (chest and arm binding). Explore the history of kinbaku, practical shibari for graceful and steamy play, the psychology of bondage (for those tying and those being bound), and more. Now is your time to enjoy this delicious form—learning from a renowned rope artist in the privacy of your home.