Staying Alive: The Signs That You Have to See a Doctor Right Now

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Matthew Hahn MD

Year 2017
Pages 292
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing
Language en
ISBN 9781510713956
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File Format EPUB
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Staying Alive is the ultimate medical survival guide for the twenty-first-century patient. Written by the award-winning family physician Dr. Matthew Hahn, the book details what most effectively saves patients’ lives and keeps them well. Drawing on his extensive experience, Dr. Hahn teaches you to spot life-threatening symptoms and recognize medical emergencies in time. He then follows up with advice on taking advantage of available preventive care and changing your lifestyle to avoid these emergencies in the future.The book is divided into three sections:1.Sixty-Two Medical Complaints That Should Never Be Ignored. As part of their medical education, doctors are taught certain classic symptoms that are the first sign of a serious medical condition. The intent of this section is to teach you those important signs and symptoms so that you know when you need to see a doctor immediately. 2.The Miracles of Twenty-First-Century Medicine. A revolution has taken place in the medical sciences. In this important section, you will learn about the true miracle that is modern preventive medical care.3.The Be Healthy Workbook. The true secret to health and wellness is healthy eating and regular exercise. The Be Healthy Workbook provides a tested simple systematic method to developing and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits.Each section includes real-life cases and illustrations that will bring this essential advice to life.