Remuneration of Copyright Owners: Regulatory Challenges of New Business Models 1st ed. 2017 Edition

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Kung-Chung Liu, Reto M. Hilty

Year 2017
Pages 327
Publisher Springer
Language en
ISBN 9783662538081
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This book evaluates existing and explores new mechanisms for the adequate payment of copyright owners for the use of their works. The underlying assumption is that adequate rewards to creators and subsequent right holders will continue to be a goal of copyright law (particularly to incentivize further creation and investment). In the search for viable methods it first focuses on the reduction of transaction costs and the role of new technologies. It also discusses the further development and broader application of new mechanisms that might be necessary to enhance the adequacy and efficiency of payment systems, since the more onerous payment systems are, the more irrelevant copyright risks become due to lack of acceptance, and the less likely both are to fulfill their functions.