Evidence-Based Bunion Surgery: A Critical Examination of Current and Emerging Concepts and Techniques 1st ed. 2018 Edition

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Paul D. Dayton

Year 2017
Pages 252
Publisher Springer
Language en
ISBN 9783319603148
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This unique book provides a critical examination of the current traditions and techniques commonly taught regarding hallux valgus correction and contrasts them with new, evidence-based anatomic and surgical concepts that change the entire approach to bunion surgery. Beginning with the history, etiology and epidemiology of the deformity, its clinical implications and physical and radiological assessment are then discussed. An overview of surgical correction strategies is then presented, followed by detailed chapters on the techniques themselves, covering rationale for the approach, anatomic and technical considerations, post-operative management and evidence-based outcomes. Surgical techniques include phalangeal, cresentic and distal metatarsal osteotomies, the scarf and rotational scarf procedure, joint arthrodesis and arthroplasty, among others.