101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis 1st Edition

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Dabney Ewin

Year 2009
Pages 120
Publisher Crown House Publishing
Language en
ISBN 9781845902919
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This succinct volume is a testament to all the ideas that Dr. Ewin wished he had known about when he first started practicing hypnosis. The words and phrases presented here are designed to give any beginning or experienced student a foundation about the working of hypnosis--this foundation of knowledge Dr. Ewin built up in his more than thirty years of practice. Dr. Ewin 'believes his patients can get well, because they do.' With his words, images and suggestions, noted throughout this little book of wisdom, he understands that the mind can change the way the brain functions and conversely, he also knows the brain can change the way the mind functions. In hypnosis, he makes this healing resonance between mind and body happen again and again. Simply put, his patients become whole again.