Databases on Modern Hardware: How to Stop Underutilization and Love Multicores

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Anastasia Ailamaki, Erietta Liarou, Pinar Tözün

Year 2017
Pages 114
Publisher Morgan &amp
Language en
ISBN 9781681731537
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Data management systems enable various influential applications from high-performance online services (e.g., social networks like Twitter and Facebook or financial markets) to big data analytics (e.g., scientific exploration, sensor networks, business intelligence). As a result, data management systems have been one of the main drivers for innovations in the database and computer architecture communities for several decades. Recent hardware trends require software to take advantage of the abundant parallelism existing in modern and future hardware. The traditional design of the data management systems, however, faces inherent scalability problems due to its tightly coupled components. In addition, it cannot exploit the full capability of the aggressive micro-architectural features of modern processors. As a result, today's most commonly used server types remain largely underutilized leading to a huge waste of hardware resources and energy.