A Hard and Bitter Peace: A Global History of the Cold War 3rd Edition

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Edward H. Judge, John W. Langdon

Year 2017
Pages 412
Publisher Rowman &amp
Language en
ISBN 9781538106518
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This comprehensive text provides a balanced survey of the Cold War in a genuinely global framework. Presenting not only Soviet and Western perspectives, but also the outlooks of peoples and leaders throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, Edward H. Judge and John W. Langdon offer in-depth treatment of imperialism, anti-imperialism, decolonization, national liberation struggles, and their Cold War connections. The authors explore the background and context for all major developments during the era, as well as capsule biographies and character analyses of key figures. Tracing the Cold War from its roots in East–West tensions before and during World War II through its origins in the immediate postwar era, the book concludes with the Cold War’s legacy, which continues today. Written in a clear and lively style, this compelling text will bring the era to life for readers who didn’t experience its dramas and crises directly.