ASP.NET Web API Recipes

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Peter Vogel

Year 2013
Pages 300
Publisher Apress
Language en
ISBN 9781430259800
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File Format PDF
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ASP.NET Web API Recipes gives you the code and the confidence to work with the Web API successfully in any .NET environment. ASP.NET Web API Recipes shows you how to use the Web API with the full range of .NET application development tools to solve common business problems. Find out how this technology allows you to build real world, line-of-business applications more efficiently than ever before. The first chapters of ASP.NET Web API Recipes provide you with the key solutions you'll reach for when you're integrating the Web API with applications from your chosen technology—whether that's ASP.NET, SharePoint, WPF, or Windows Phone. Then later chapters will show you a wide range of solutions to the critical problems that you're most likely to face on any of these platforms. You'll learn how to handle input and output issues, test your web services, and how to bypass IIS when you need to. You'll learn how to preempt your extensibility problems ahead of time, and how to solve typical problems of performance, efficiency and flexibility while working with the Web API. Throughout ASP.NET Web API Recipes, you'll find the solutions you need to the key situations you've already met or are likely to meet, with the insights and configuration code to adapt them to your own scenarios. ASP.NET Web API Recipes doesn't just show you how the Web API works—it gives you the code and the confidence to work with it successfully in any .NET environment. What you’ll learn Write applications that use the Web API from any platform. Access Web API services from JavaScript (including integration with Knockout) and .NET code. Use TDD to test Web API services and components. Implement tested design patterns to create maintainable applications. Take advantage of the Web API’s customization options to support your organization’s standards and practices. Exploit the Web API in client and server-side code in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET. Who this book is for ASP.NET Web API Recipes is for application developers who are creating line-of-business applications using the .NET Framework, with Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012. Experience with web services is not assumed, but you'll have experience building ASP.NET applications.