Growing Up in English Structures: Lexicon Brasiliensis Volume 4

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Mr Ernesto Lima Veras

Year 2017
Pages 286
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language en
ISBN 9781546871040
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As a support material intended to uphold Brazilian Portuguese native speakers in their endeavor to iron out their English communication skills, this book is designed to further develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the culture and the language of English-speaking communities, providing them with opportunities to gain a broader and deeper understanding of English and extend and refine their communication skills. The book focuses on the interrelationship of language and culture, and is intended to help nonnative English speakers develop those skills needed to function in an increasingly globalized society, a culturally and linguistically diverse community, and to provide them with the foundation for life-long language learning. The present Volume 4 focuses on the learning of English as a foreign language. The book is mainly dedicated to the Brazilian learner, who has Portuguese as his mother tongue. Ernesto Veras is an English, Portuguese and literature teacher, translator and interpreter with more than 25 years experience. A writer and a teacher by day and a fervent reader by night. His passion for helping learners to improve their foreign language ability in all life aspects – professional, cultural, educational – flows through his works in a variety of fields, including as a novelist and thinker. Ernesto Veras currently teaches English to high-school students in the city of Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which gives him an unbeatable opportunity to teach English as a foreign language to students who are just starting their academic and professional lives. But simultaneously he acts as a translator and interpreter, providing translation services to international translation bureaus and large national companies.