Classified: Special Operations Missions 1940–2010

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Ambush Alley Games, Ramiro Bujeiro

Year 2013
Pages 136
Publisher Osprey Publishing
Language en
ISBN 9781849087735
File Size 132.53 MB
File Format PDF
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An overview of the nature & unique challenges of Special Ops, including 20 scenarios & example unit organizations. A hugely versatile volume, Classified: Special Operations can be used to model Special Operations missions ranging from WWII Commando actions, through Special Forces missions in Vietnam, to SAS and Delta missions pulled directly from today's headlines. Recent events in the Middle East have brought the necessity for and operations by Special Operations units into sharp focus, making this a highly topical work. Includes photos taken by troops on the ground. Classified: Special Operations conforms to the normal Force on Force rules, but zooms in on Special Operations tactics and missions in particular, opening up a whole new theater of desperate action and edge of the seat gaming to Force on Force gamers, regardless of their specific period of interest.