Who Dares Wins: The SAS and the Iranian Embassy Siege 1980

  • By Gregory Fremont-Barnes, Pete Winner, Howard Gerrard
  • Pages 64
  • Year 2009
  • Publisher Osprey Publishing
  • Language en
  • ISBN 9781846033957
  • File Size 12.04 MB
  • File Format EPUB
  • Download Counter 9
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Ebook Description

For 5 days in May 1980, thousands watched around the world as the shadowy figures of the SAS performed a daring and dramatic raid on the Iranian Embassy in London, catapulting a little-known specialist unit into the full glare of the world's media. Hailed by Margaret Thatcher as "a brilliant operation, carried out with courage and confidence," the raid was a huge success for the SAS, who managed to rescue nineteen hostages with near-perfect military execution, although two hostages were killed by terrorists. Despite the acclaim and media attention, details of the siege are still largely unknown and those at the heart of the story, the identities of the SAS troopers themselves, remain a closely guarded secret.


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