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Rebekkah Ford

Year 2012
Pages 340
Publisher Rebekkah Ford
Language en
ISBN 9780615652580
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"This book was amazing. It was so hard to put it down."~Diane "Kept me on the edge of my seat! A great read for those who love the paranormal."~Angel "Greatest book I have ever read. It's thrilling, entertaining, and has action. I would stay up day and night reading it. I love it!"~Kristen "A book worthy of all to read. Could not put it down."~Mike  "I loved this book. I couldn't put it down."~Krystal -Read reviews  Paige knows evil exists in thisworld, but she never imagined it would want something from her.In the small town of Astoria,Oregon, surrounded by deep forest and endless mountains, another world thrives. . . a menacing one where dark spirits dwell in soulless humans.Seventeen-year-old Paige Reed lives in this lush, picturesque setting. She'snot your average teen, though she appears to be. Not only is she heartsick, butshe's been receiving cryptic premonitions from a ghostly voice since the age offour. After she hears a haunting message about herself, supernaturaloccurrences begin to confuse her.Nathan Caswell seems to peer into Paige's soul, evoking a magnetic energybetween them they cannot deny. They're connected. But he's no ordinary guy. Hetracks dark spirits and becomes alarmed when they set their sights on Paige. When two power-hungry malevolent beings make demands on her, she realizes thenthe fate of mankind rest in her hands. Her world quickly turns inside out wherethe impossible becomes possible, and in the end she's faced with a lifechanging decision that will not only alter her existence but the world as sheknows it.Can a deeply troubled teen overcome her own demons in order to fight thoselurking about? With the past and present colliding, Paige must make theultimate mortal choice. Will it be the right one?