Angular 2 Components

Ebook Description

Get to grips with the components that power Angular 2 and learn to create custom components of your ownAbout This Book* First look to the Angular 2 Components archirecture* Creating your own Angular 2 Component* Integrating your components with third party componentsWho This Book Is ForIt is aimed at a developer who already has some experience with Angular and who now wants to work with Angular 2 Components. The book is not for beginners to the AngularJS framework.What You Will Learn* Break your application into reusable dynamic components* Take advantage of TypeScript language in Angular2* Migrating your Angular 1 directive to Angular 2 Component* Understand the Angular2 components structure and APIs* Hook to component life cycle events* Bind dynamic data to your component properties* Communicate with other components using events* Compose complicated UI from simple components* Wrap third-party components for use in angularIn DetailThis book is focused on offering insights into Angular 2 Components.You will start with understanding Angular 2 Components Architecture and how components differ from Angular directives in Angular 1.You will be now ready to set up Angular 2 development environment. You will then be taken on a tour of TypeScript language. Next, you will be defining your component behavior, creating a component template and using controller of your component. You will also be making your components communicate with each other. The book ends with Integrating third party components to your Angular 2 components.


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