Learn Java for Android Development

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Jeff Friesen

Year 2014
Pages 1200
Publisher Apress
Language en
ISBN 9781430264545
File Size 5.5 MB
File Format PDF
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Learn Java for Android Development, Third Edition, is an update of a strong selling book that now includes a primer on Android app development (in Chapter 1 and Appendix C, which is distributed in the book’s code archive). This book teaches programmers the essential Java language skills necessary for effectively picking up and using the new Android SDK platform to build mobile, embedded, and even PC apps, especially game apps. Android development is hot, and many programmers are interested in joining the fun. However, because this technology is based on Java, you should first obtain a solid grasp of the Java language and its APIs in order to improve your chances of succeeding as an effective Android app developer. This book helps you do that. Each of the book’s 16 chapters provides an exercise section that gives you the opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the chapter’s material. Answers to the book’s more than 700 exercises are provided in an appendix. A second appendix provides a significant game-oriented Java application, which you can convert into an Android app. Once you complete this one-of-a-kind book written by Jeff Friesen, an expert Java developer and JavaWorld.com columnist, you should be ready to begin your indie or professional Android app development journey. What you’ll learn The Java skills necessary for Android development The core Java language fundamentals Classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces Advanced Java language features (such as generics) The basic Java APIs necessary for Android (such as the String class and threading) The Collections Framework for organizing objects The Concurrency Utilities for simplifying multithreading Classic and New I/O Networking and database access Parsing, creating, and transforming XML documents Additional APIs for creating and accessing ZIP and JAR files, and more Who this book is for This book is for any programmer—including existing Java programmers and Objective-C based iPhone and iPad programmers— of any skill level who needs to obtain a solid understanding of the Java language and foundational Java APIs before jumping into Android app development. Table of Contents 1. Getting Started with Java 2. Learning Language Fundamentals 3. Discovering Classes and Objects 4. Discovering Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Interfaces 5. Mastering Advanced Language Features Part 1 6. Mastering Advanced Language Features Part 2 7. Exploring the Basic APIs Part 1 8. Exploring the Basic APIs Part 2 9. Exploring the Collections Framework 10. Exploring the Concurrency Utilities 11. Performing Classic I/O 12. Accessing Networks 13. Migrating to New I/O 14. Accessing Databases 15. Parsing, Creating, and Transforming XML Documents 16. Focusing on Odds and Ends 17. Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises 18. Appendix B: Four of a Kind 19. Appendix C: Getting Started with Android*** ***NOTE: Appendix C is not included in the physical book. Instead, it's distributed as a PDF file that's bundled with the book's code.