Beginning JavaScript Charts

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Fabio Nelli

Year 2013
Pages 620
Publisher Apress
Language en
ISBN 9781430262893
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File Format PDF , EPUB
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Beginning JavaScript Charts shows how to convert your data into eye-catching, innovative, animated, and highly interactive browser-based charts. This book is suitable for developers of all experience levels and needs: for those who love fast and effective solutions, you can use the jqPlot library to generate charts with amazing effects and animations using only a few lines of code; if you want more power and need to create data visualization beyond traditional charts, then D3 is the JavaScript library for you; finally, if you need a high-performance, professional solution for interactive charts, then the Highcharts library is also covered. If you are an experienced developer and want to take things further, then Beginning JavaScript Charts also shows you how to develop your own graphics library starting from scratch using jQuery. At the end of the book, you will have a good knowledge of all the elements needed to manage data from every possible source, from high-end scientific instruments to Arduino boards, from PHP SQL databases queries to simple HTML tables, and from Matlab calculations to reports in Excel. You will be able to provide cutting-edge charts exploiting the growing power of modern browsers.Create all kinds of charts using the latest technologies available on browsers (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jqPlot, D3, Highcharts, and SVG) Full of step-by-step examples, Beginning JavaScript Charts introduces you gradually to all aspects of chart development, from the data source to the choice of which solution to apply. This book provides a number of tools that can be the starting point for any project requiring graphical representations of data, whether using commercial libraries or your own What you’ll learnLearn the jqPlot, D3, Highcharts, CSS, jQuery and SVG basics. Discover the world of JavaScript graphic libraries. Discover which charts can best represent your data. Switch from a vision of a chart sent from a server as a static image to a highly dynamic one, in which the user is able to interact in real time. Perform input data manipulation to increase chart readability. Develop your own graphic library.Who this book is for Beginning JavaScript Charts is for developers at all levels interested in data visualization, and ready to embrace modern web standards and animate and display their data with powerful, cutting-edge technologies. Table of Contents Charting Technology Overview jQuery Basics Simple HTML Tables Drawing a Line Chart Drawing a Bar Chart Drawing a Pie Chart Creating a Library for Simple Charts Introducing jqPlot Line Charts with jqPlot Bar Charts with jqPlot Pie Charts with jqPlot Candlestick Charts with jqPlot Bubble Charts with jqPlot Other Charts with jqPlot Adding Controls to Charts Embedding jqPlot Charts in jQuery Widgets Handling Input Data Moving from jqPlot to Highcharts Introducing D3 Line Charts with D3 Bar Charts with D3 Pie Charts with D3 Candlestick Charts with D3 Scatterplot and Bubble Charts with D3 Radar Charts with D3 Handling Live Data with D3 App A: Guidelines for the Examples in the Book App B: jqPlot Plugins