Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery

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James Luetkehoelter

Year 2008
Pages 341
Publisher Apress
Language en
ISBN 9781590599679
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File Format PDF
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Many would argue that the single, most important job of a SQL Server database administrator is to be able to recover your database in the event of loss or damage. Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery helps you meet that goal by showing you how to think about and plan for potential problems. You'll learn to anticipate and reduce the likelihood of a disaster, and to mitigate the effects of a disaster when one does occur. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to prepare so that you can return a system to its normal state quickly, ensuring system availability and the continued success and operation of your business. Many SQL Server features and technologies are, or can be put to good use in disaster recovery planning. In this book, you'll learn about powerful tools and features - such as Database Snapshots and Mirroring - for data backup and disaster recovery that are present in SQL Server 2005, and that are enhanced in SQL Server 2008. Also covered are common issues to expect when using these features. This book explores your options by examining the technical details of disaster recovery features and then applying that knowledge to practical scenarios.