Capitalism and Its Discontents: Power and Accumulation in Latin-American Culture

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John Kraniauskas

Year 2017
Pages 320
Publisher University of Wales Press
Language en
ISBN 9781783169542
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In this book, John Kraniauskas uses close examinations of a number of modern and contemporary Latin American and North American novels and films to highlight the relationship between such texts and their regional cultural, political, and social contexts. Studies of a novel by James Ellroy and the TV series The Wire enable Kraniauskas to consider how ideas developed in one context can be used to explain experiences in another; he also explores an ongoing shift from texts that are centered on the state and its actions to those in which other groups come to the fore. Throughout, there’s a useful emphasis on the cultural experience of money, and how it can be traced through a wide variety of texts and cultural productions.   QR Code Online