Alois Neuhold. Rückblenden 1980-2012. Flashbacks from 1980 to 2012: Du musst dir die Augen ausreißen und die Hände in die Ohrstiegen legen. You Must ... the Ear Stairs 2012th Edition

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Johannes Rauchenberger

Year 2012
Pages 542
Publisher Springer Vienna Architecture
Language en
ISBN 9783709113738
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Alois Neuhold s imagery draws deeply from the repertoire of the cultic. The gaze, the eyes, the polarity of the masculine and the feminine, love, mourning, and magic seem to colorfully coexist in his images. The artist shows us a mystical world order which is, even though not familiar to us, imaginable in his images. Providing them with the signature of Western modernity, he builds bridges to the oldest expectations on the image: magic and fascination. Moreover, newly coined terms such as Zweigerlgotik [Twig Gothic], Schachtelbarock [box baroque] and erdfl echtromanik [Soil Lichen romanesque] predetermine what he has also interwoven into his images. The signature of his works, NEUVALIS , gives away the origin of his world of ideas. What he spreads out is a fascinating pictorial world that reminds of the age-old bridal couple of art and religion: In case they are divorced, I make them get remarried. QR Code Online