The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Consciousness

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Andrew T. Weil M.D.

Year 2004
Pages 320
Publisher Mariner Books
Language en
ISBN 9780618479054
File Size 4.9 MB
File Format EPUB
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From the great popularizer of alternative medicine, here is a collection of essays about his travels to South America in the early 1970s in search of information on altered states of consciousness, drug use in other cultures, and other matters having to do with the complementarity of mind and body. Andrew Weil’s experiences during this time laid the foundation for his mission to restore the connection between medicine and nature. In The Marriage of the Sun and Moon, now updated with a new preface by the author, the esteemed Dr. Weil first attempts to empower patients to take fuller charge of their destinies. QR Code Online